Step 1

Step 1-  FREE trial Class! 

You are welcome to come try a FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS on any Saturday at 8am, 9am or 10am.  Come in your workout clothes and be ready to get a great workout.  You can also CONTACT US and we can a schedule a more personal session with you if you like.  Feel free to call or email us, (Don’t be shy.)   Check out OUR SCHEDULE to find the Saturday class you would like to attend.  Find OUR GYM. (350 West 800 North in Orem)

Step 2

Step 2-  Ready to join?

Sign up and we will schedule your 3 On Ramp/Basic Movements Classes. These classes are mandatory and are included in your monthly membership fee if you choose a 1 year or 6 month plan.  If you choose the month-to-month payment plan the classes will be $75 for all three.  (Most CrossFit gyms charge $150 for these classes!) Contact us to schedule your On Ramp Classes.  These classes will get you familiar with the movements we teach in the daily workouts.  All three classes are required before coming to regular classes.  These classes will be taught in a small group. This class will typically be 1 – 1 1/2 hours long each and are taught on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:30 pm.  If you cannot make it to these classes at this time you may contact us and make arrangements for a private lesson for $25 each.

Step 3

Step 3-  Welcome!

After your 3 Basic Movement classes you are welcome to come to any class time on the schedule.  Your workouts will still be scaled to your fitness level.  At each class we continue to refine skills to help you move better in the gym setting as well as in your every day life.  We will focus on mechanics and safety first and then intensity.

We are excited to add you to our CrossFit family!  We are confident you will get the results you want with our CrossFit training.  We are the best fitness program that you will find and have over 5 years experience training.  We offer so much more than the typical gym routine.  Get ready to get in the best shape of your life!


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